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Nail salon Mesa | Nail salon 85209 | Spa Individual




Nail care


Welcome to Spa Individual Mesa!

* Please make your appointment earlier; at least 2 hours before you come to the spa.

* Please come on time for your appointments or let us know if you are running late or need to cancel.

* Visiting a Spa is a time for you to relax and unwind away from the stresses and strains of daily life. We have a non smoking policy and would appreciate if mobile phones would be switched off or to silent mode, for the comfort of all guests. We will advise you on dedicated smoking areas.

* Please advise the spa therapist if you would like a different level of pressure during a reflexology or if the temperature of the room, the background music or amount of conversation is uncomfortable for you.

* We recommend you to advise the Spa team if you have a medical condition as some treatments may not be suitable or would need adjustment, e.g. Heart Problems, High Blood Pressure, Mobility Problems, Pregnancy or Surgery in the last 3 months.

* Our staff will leave the room while you undress / re-dress or take a shower or bath to give you privacy. They will knock and ask if you are ready before re-entering the room.

* You may need to partly or fully undress for certain treatments. We provide you with a robe and slip for your use throughout your stay. We will ensure that your upperbody is properly covered by a sheet or towel throughout the treatment and that only the area currently being treated should be exposed.
Male customers will be provided with a boxer short and a slip to be worn during the treatment. Our therapists will not provide any treatment in the area covered by the boxer shorts and we would not start any treatment if no slip / shorts are worn. We would really appreciate your understanding that this is important to us as we like to treat you with consideration, dignity and respect but also like to prevent any inappropriate situations between our female Spa therapists and our male customers.

* It is a breach of spa etiquette to ask for sex as part of a Spa treatment reflexology or to express any sexual behavior or comments. If you do, the reflexology therapist will explain that is not the purpose of the treatment and continue working. If you persist, we will change the therapist or end the reflexology and you will be asked to leave the spa immediately and pay your service in full.


Spa individual

10720 E. Southern Ave suite 101 Mesa 85209
Work            : 480-986-1554
Call & Text : 480-968-3998